Terms & Conditions

Liskeard Auction Rooms - General Conditions of Sale:

1. Registration. To assist the progress of the sale, all prospective buyers shall pre-register their details with us and obtain a bidding number before the sale commences. Bids will not be accepted unless this process has been satisfied. Pre-registration requires you to supply, at least, your name, postal address (inc postcode), and contact telephone number. Bidders at our auctions must be at least 18 years of age. Evidence of identity or proof of age may be requested.

2. The Buyer. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer at the fall of the hammer will be deemed the buyer. If any dispute arises, the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle the matter. No bid may be retracted once acknowledged by the auctioneer. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid. The bidder in the room who is successful in purchasing any lot(s) is entirely responsible for paying for such lot(s) in accordance with our General Conditions of Sale. Purchases made on behalf of a third party are entirely the responsibility of the bidder in the room. The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of other parties for any lot where authorised to do so, and to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots.

3. Buyer's Premium. A buyer's premium of 18% of the hammer price is payable by the purchaser on each lot.

4. The Seller. By entering any item in the auction, the seller warrants that he / she owns the item outright or that he / she is entering it with the express permission of the owner(s), and that it is free of any encumbrance. The seller further assures that any information supplied in respect of any lot for auction is given in good faith and is, to the best of his / her knowledge, complete and true.

5. Seller's Fees. Lots must be labelled with the Vendor Number and a Lot Description otherwise a lotting fee of 50p per lot for the first week is payable at the time of entry for all items. Vendors may specify a reserve (i.e. minimum sale) price for the first week if they so wish after this the reserve must be re-requested on a new vendor entry form, or alternatively items can be offered for sale with no reserve. Where no reserve price is specified, whilst the auctioneer will endeavour to achieve a realistic price for the locality and market conditions, items could sell for less than the seller would have hoped for. (Where bids are not forthcoming or where the auctioneer feels that they are too low, items may be unsold or held over for entry into a later sale to try and achieve an appropriate figure). In addition, on all sales, a vendor's commission of 18% will be deducted before settlement is made. All monies must be signed for.

6. Value Added Tax. 

7. Payment For Items Purchased. Payment can be taken either in cash or electronically (if over £20) and all payments for goods purchased should be made on the day of the sale (or in respect of commission bids, by Monday pm at the latest), unless otherwise agreed, and before the item(s) are removed from the sale room, by the end of business on that Monday.

8. Payments To Sellers. We aim to pay sellers promptly, and monies due to sellers for items sold will usually be available from the Tuesday following the day of the sale. It is requested that sellers bring suitable ID or their entry form with them when collecting their sale proceeds. Where requested to do so (and at a minimum of £30), we may be able to arrange for the funds to be transferred electronically into the seller’s bank account (for which we reserve the right to levy a small administration charge).

9. Commission Bids. We will be pleased to bid on your behalf if you are unable to attend the auction personally, and lots will always be bought as inexpensively as possible subject to other bidding or reserves. Commission bids may be submitted in person, by telephone, e-mail or post, and must be received not later than half an hour before commencement of the sale in question. In the case of e-mail or postal bids only, unless you receive an acknowledgement from us, it should be taken that the commission bid has not been received.

10. Representation. Any representation, statement or comment by the auctioneer as to the authorship, attribution, genuineness, authenticity, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price is a statement of opinion, and in every case, buyers should exercise and rely wholly upon their own judgement as to such matters. Viewing of the lots is available every Friday 10-5 and Saturday from 9am until the start of the auction.

11. Buyer Beware. Purchasers, by making a bid for a lot, acknowledge and agree that they have satisfied themselves fully with all the sale conditions, including that the lot may be damaged or repaired. By bidding for any lot, the purchaser is deemed to be satisfied as to its condition. Unless specifically stated (i.e. Items of an electrical nature) otherwise, all lots are sold 'as seen' and we cannot accept returns under any circumstances.

12. Ownership. Sold lots do not become the property of the buyer until payment has been made in full, but do become their responsibility upon the fall of the hammer.

13. Clearing Purchases. Purchased items that have been paid for may be removed from the sale room during the auction where this is practicable, or before close of business on the day of the sale. All items MUST be cleared by close of business on Monday following the sale. Items that have not been collected and/or paid for by this time will result in a £5 late collection fee.  Customers who fail to pay for or collect their item(s) will be restricted from bidding at future auctions until any charges have been settled in full, and thereafter their bids will only be accepted after we have received a deposit bond equal to or greater than the value of any bids subsequently placed.

14. Damage. If damage is caused to any lot at the viewing or before, during or after the sale, such damage will be made good by the person committing such damage, principals being responsible for the acts of their servants.

15. Third Party Liability. Every person present at the auction before, during or after a sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall have no claim against the auctioneer in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accident that may occur.

16. Items For Sale. Entries for the auction are accepted between 10.00am and 5.00pm on Tuesdays only (subject to available space), and may be received at other times by prior agreement. We do not accept entries on Saturdays under any circumstances. Items are accepted into the sale at the discretion of the auctioneer and his staff, and some items may be refused. Depending on current markets, these include (but are not limited to) the following: Some electrical items, perishable goods, live animals / pets, certain knives, weapons, corrosive materials, flammable liquids, items of an inappropriate nature or with inappropriate content, and anything deemed hazardous in any way. Where sold, the buyer is responsible for paying in full and removing the item(s) before close of business, unless it has been agreed otherwise (see clause 13 above). Where lots remain unsold after three sales, the owner is responsible for removing them as soon as possible and prior to the following Saturday. Items remaining on the premises after this time automatically become the property of the auctioneer and will be sold, disposed of, or destroyed unless alternative arrangements have been made. Charges for disposal of uncollected items will be payable by the vendor, and an appropriate deduction will be made from any sale proceeds or an invoice raised.

17. Untested Electrical Items. It is the law that items, unless new, entered into the sale are PAT tested for electrical safety. We will arrange for an electrician to conduct the test subject to payment of an appropriate fee. ‘Tested’ items must display a valid (i.e. current) green ‘Pass’ sticker. Items that are not tested for electrical safety will, unless they are obviously new, boxed and sealed, will not be accepted.

18. Notices. Any notices that may be displayed from time to time in the sale room shall be deemed to form part of and be included in the general conditions of sale.

19. Compliance With The General Conditions. By attending or participating in the sale individuals are deemed to have read and understood these conditions (which may be varied from time to time), and agree to comply fully and be bound by them.