Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some useful information. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us or give us a call on 01579 208250

On the registration page, you'll need to: 

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Verify your details.
  3. Choose/add your card.
  4. Choose your registration type.
  5. Choose whether you would like to receive update emails from the Auctioneer.
  6. Click Register to Bid.

If you choose the FREE registration type, you may see a 10p deferred payment on your bank statement.

Once you have successfully registered, the green 'Register to Bid' button will then change to a 'Bid Now' button. Now you can leave Autobids before the sale. 

The day of the auction, you will also see a Bid Live button, however this will show as Bid Now until this point.


If you have a question about your invoice, please get in contact with Liskeard Auction Rooms directly. 

Quick note:When you bid on an item at the auction this is a legally binding contract and you will be required to pay. If you no longer desire the item, or you have any questions of lots on your invoice, you will need to contact Liskeard Auction Rooms to discuss this.

Please add your email address on your Easy Live Auction profile. You will receive an invoice once the auction has ended this will include our bank details.

We can accept payment by bank transfer, please include your bidder/reference number.

We can accept payment by debit/credit card either on collection or over the telephone.

Please note we can only accept card payments for amounts over £20.

We can accept cash payments.

Delivery -
is available for an additional charge and is based on distance and number/size of items, please speak to a member of the team for a quotation.

Postage- is available to destinations in the UK and around the world. We use Parcelforce tracked courier delivery service. There will also be a packing charge (£8 for one Lot plus £3 per additional Lots) based on the number of Lots. Please request postage through Easy Live Auction once you have won the item(s) or email us for a quotation. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to arrange your own courier collection but if packing is required there will be a charge for this.

Absolutely not. That's the great thing about leaving bids with Easy Live Auction. Whether you leave an Autobid in a LIVE auction, or a maximum bid in a TIMED auction, they will never let anybody know what your top bid is, so you can be rest-assured that they are giving you the best chance at winning a lot for the lowest price possible.

Autobids in LIVE Auctions - use the +1 feature! As the auctioneer does not see your top bid, you may well be holding the bid at one increment below your top bid. In this event, you're winning the item at a lower price and cannot bid against yourself. This means that somebody else may have the chance steal your lot for your maximum bid. In auction jargon, this is called being 'wrong-footed'. To avoid disappointment, Easy Live highly recommend using the +1 feature when leaving an Autobid.This is their way of helping you to combat being wrong-footed - it means that the system will bid one extra increment for you should you find yourself in this scenario!

Timed auctions run without an auctioneer calling out the bids - so there is no live bidding area, or livestreaming audio and video.

Instead, bidding is left directly on the lot page, and there is a bidding "window" - or a set time period that the lot is open for bidding. Once this period of time has ended, no more bids are taken the lot is sold to the highest bidder, as long as the reserve price has been met or exceeded.

Place your maximum bid on Easy Live and the system will do the bidding for you. Easy Live Auction is designed with smart bidding in mind, meaning it will only bid just enough for you to stay in the lead, or meet the reserve price. 

To leave a bid, go to the lot page and on the right hand-side you will see the bidding information such as End Time and Starting Bid.

Enter your maximum price on into the box and click Place Bid.

  • Easy Live will email you confirmation of your bid.
  • If your maximum bid does not meet reserve, they will send you an email letting you know.
  • If another bidder outbids you, they will also let you know - in case you decide you really want the lot after all and want to increase your bid.

If you are unable to place a bid, check you are logged in and registered, and then double-check that the auction has started. If the auction has started, you will not see a start time. You can always spot a Timed auction with the clock icon on the catalogue page.

Buyers - 22% plus VAT on the hammer price.
Sellers - 22% plus VAT (from a minimum of £2.40)

Please note VAT is only charged on the commission amount NOT the hammer price.

We encourage you to enter larger/higher value Lots - If a Lot sells for £3.00 the commission will be £2.40 - therefore you will make 60p. It's better to bundle lower value items to sell for £5-£10 if possible.


Yes, Please complete a Vendor Entry Form when you bring your items in for auction. Please Note - The requested reserve price only applies for Week 1 of the auction, after this the auctioneer may reduce the reserve at their discretion unless you contact us to request the reserve be carried over or you complete another Vendor Entry Form. (Items are kept iin the auction for a total of 3 weeks - after which time you will be required to collect them or we can dispose of them - additonal charges may apply for disposal).

Any electrical items put into the auction will be subject to a £2.00 P.A.T Test per item. The cost will be deducted from the proceeds of any items sold prior to any payment being made to the vendor. If you purchase an electrical item please notify us BEFORE 5pm on the Monday following the sale if the item is not working due to an electrical issue we will refund your payment (please note this guarantee covers the electrical issue only and not parts or components).

You will receive an email and statement after the auction advising of sold/unsold items and the amount due to you minus any charges. You can collect any money owed to you on the Tuesday following the sale. Don't worry if you can't make it in that week, the money will stay on your account. You can collect cash or if you provide us with your bank details we can make payment by bank transfer.

We take items in on a Tuesday only. Please ensure each item is labelled with your unique Vendor Number. If you are entering a box of items please just label the box. If possible label each Lot with a brief description as this helps us when Lotting Up and also helps you get the best price for your items. If applicable please add sizes, measurements, a brief description of contents, if the item is in good/working order etc. Please complete a Vendor Entry Form including any required reserves this enables us to cross-check after we have Lotted Up to ensure your items are allocated to you. Not sold with us before? Don't worry we can register you very quickly - you can register on the day or email us your details (name, address and contact number) and we will email you your vendor number so that you can have everything labelled up before you come in!